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Next Gen Console Prices

Sony PlayStation 4 £349 Inc vat


E3! no more said


Call Of Duty



Call of duty have dropped the Modern Warfare name and its now called Call Of Duty: ghosts, release date is december 31st, a strange date surely they would make more money if releasd before xmas.

Watch Dogs

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Ubisoft’s amazing new looking game Watch Dogs has been confirmed as a PS4 launch title.

The open world sci-fi title stunned the industry and consumers alike at E3, and it was quickly suggested that the game was heading to next-generation consoles.

Watch Dogs isa game set in a world where everything is connected via technology and the internet. you take on the role of Aiden Pearce as he hacks everything like ATMs, security cameras and phones to achieve his objective.

It kooks really good cant wait for this title, the game has also been confirmed for release on the Wii U.

Check out the footagae below, this was shown at the reveal of the PlayStation 4.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay PS4

I must say this looks sick, i want it now!

The Playstation 4

If you missed last nights Sony Playstaion 4 unvealing watch it here.

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