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Ipad 2

Got my hands on an ipad 2 a couple of weeks back, i was intending to sell it once i had a play, but after seeeing what it can do i am very impressed so i’ve changed my mind, i will update my blog soon on what this fantastic tab can do.

Motorola Xoom Vs Ipad 1

A couple of weeks ago me and @craigdg tested the internet on the new Motorla Xoom and the ipad 1 side by side, if you check out the video the xoom responded alot faster than the ipad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and new Galaxy Tab 10.1

Today samsung announced their new tab 8.9, i looks pretty awesome, check the link out..I want one!

Samsung Galaxy Tab

I have had my Samsung Galaxy Tab now for a couple of weeks and i absolutly love it.Downloading movies music etc straight to download folder is handy, no need to start connecting to a pc to transfer..