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Ubisoft Media Briefing E3


Nintendo Direct@E3 2013 Presentation

For all you nintendo fans out there please see presentation below from E3 today

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Xbox One Price

The Xbox One will cost £429 inc Vat at launch this is more expensive than the PS4 but im sure the price will come down at some point, the Xbox one does have a lot exclusives coming out.

Check out the E3 Conference below

PlayStation E3 Press Conference 2013

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Next Gen Console Prices

Sony PlayStation 4 £349 Inc vat


Dead Rising 3 gameplay


Watch Dogs Exposed Trailer

This is sick

E3! no more said


Call Of Duty



Call of duty have dropped the Modern Warfare name and its now called Call Of Duty: ghosts, release date is december 31st, a strange date surely they would make more money if releasd before xmas.