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Exclusive Forza 5 Gameplay

Lotus F1 at Yas Marina [1080p] at 60 Frames a second

Xbox One Controller

looking at the new Xbox One Controller compared to the older 360 version.

RYSE on the Xbox One: HELL YEAH!

If you like gaming check out this video on the combat system in RYSE..

This is sick!!

Console wars

Lots of truth in what Blunty says


Xbox One vs PS4

Xbox One: Invitation

Xbox One’s expensive trailer is pretty cool.

Dead Rising 3 – Happy Together TV Commercial

The first is Capcom’s 30-second TV ad for Dead Rising 3

Only in Battlefield 4: Anthem TV Trailer

EA has gone live with its big TV ad for upcoming shooter Battlefield 4.

It fuses gameplay footage with a narrator and is suitably loud and explosive.

Microsoft discusses Xbox One racing wheels

Microsoft says that it has introduced new technology to support Xbox One compatible racing wheels.


Watch Dogs delayed until 2014


One of the biggest games of the next-generation will not be out this year.

Watch Dogs was due out on November 22nd, and was a major launch title for Xbox One and PS4.

But the firm has had to delay the title until Spring 2014