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Dying Light

I love my zombie games, so i am looking forward to this first person action survival horror game coming soon on Xbox One & PS4.

The details and look on the zombies faces look well done, there is 12 minutes of footage in the clip below.

Dead Rising 3 E3

Dead Rising 3 gameplay


Zombie survival game Dead On Arrival 2 looks to push NVIDIA’s Project Shield

New Trailer for The Walking Dead Survival Instinct

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct

Playing Dead Episode 1

The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman talks about the video game the walking dead.

The Walking Dead Video Game

Something to wet our appetite for zombie lovers like myself, the walking dead game based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series The Walking Dead have come to life!


The Walking Dead Video Game

Episode 1 of The Walking Dead Video Game will make it’s way onto xbox 360, and even the iPad this winter. And holy shit my lord i cannot wait.


Every Zombie Death in The Walking Dead

Warning this contains spoilers if you haven’t seen season one..