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PS4 hardware sales jump 106% on InFamous: Second Son launch


Consoles are doing well, the release of InFamous: Second Son has given PS4 hardware sales a big jump in the UK.

Titanfall‘s recent release triggered a similar sales spike for the Xbox One last week, leading to a 96 percent boost in UK sales for Microsoft’s console.


4K support coming to Titanfall on PC


The PC version of Titanfall will be adding 4K resolution support to their popular title.

As well as 4K display support and increased SLI compatibility, future patches will also add temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA) and horizon based ambient occlusion+ (HBAO+) support.

PS4 Games Release Dates

Release dates are subject to change


Xbox One Game Release Dates

These dates are subject to change all the time


Exclusive Forza 5 Gameplay

Lotus F1 at Yas Marina [1080p] at 60 Frames a second

Xbox One Controller

looking at the new Xbox One Controller compared to the older 360 version.

RYSE on the Xbox One: HELL YEAH!

If you like gaming check out this video on the combat system in RYSE..

This is sick!!

Console wars

Lots of truth in what Blunty says


Xbox One vs PS4

Xbox One: Invitation

Xbox One’s expensive trailer is pretty cool.